Adjustable Double-Shamballa Sea Sediment Jasper and Green-Banded Agate Bracelet.

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The variety of greens and pale bands of white in this bracelet interwoven with tan thread make me think of pops of white blossoms in fields of clover, laying in the grass and coming home with bits of straw and hay stuck in my hair. The central link of sea sediment jasper is delicately outlined in gold.

Agate is considered a great stone for healing the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is used for protection, security, and moral stability as well as for grounding and organising your life. Green agate increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental and emotional flexibility, improving decision-making and resolving disputes.

Beads are 6mm.

$34 includes gift / storage bag.