Alternating Amethyst and Wood Bracelet

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Sometimes I look for earthiness to ground me when my mind is going in every direction. The smell of moist dirt and humidity in the air. Digging my toes in the grass. Chewing on a fresh piece of sugar cane on a hot day.

The inclusions in these faceted amethyst stones bring out the different depths of purple - from pale lilac to deep violet - that aren't seen in the clearer stones. The spirals of wood grain can be seen in the deep coconut brown of the wood beads.

Amethyst is associated with peace, calmness, and clarity. The Ancient Egyptians used it as a protective amulet while the Ancient Greeks told the story of Bacchus, the God of Wine, and the maiden Amethyst.

Beads are 8mm.

$22 includes gift / storage bag.