Chunky Cherry Blossom Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, and Silver Bracelet

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The beautifully patterned pinks and the rainbow flash of the moonstone set off with sterling silver sparkle beads.

Cherry blossom agate is the dreamer's stone. It soothes after periods of trauma and helps to refocus energies and envision growth. It carries feminine and maternal energies and restores emotional balance.

Rainbow Moonstone is a type of labradorite, rather than orthoclase, which is also known as moonstone. Its energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. Rainbow moonstone is calming and shields the wearer from negative energies, bringing balance to the mind, providing mental clarity, and boosting intuition.

The cherry blossom agate is a very chunky 12mm, with 10mm rainbow moonstone and 6mm sterling silver sparkle beads. Closes with a loop and button. $36 includes gift / storage bag.