LIMITED EDITION - Cinnabar Rose Lava Earrings

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At grab me prices! Cinnabar rose and lava rock drop earrings, for those who love combining the dark with elegance.

Cinnabar is a powerful transformative stone and has been popular in India and China, and its rich red colour is associated with dragon's blood. It replaces negative energy with positive and is often worn to attract wealth and love.

Lava stone is an igneous volcanic rock. Associated with the base chakra, it is a grounding stone that connects the user to Earth and to their physical body. It calms and stabilizes the user and helps to dissipate anger. It's also great as diffuser of essential oils.

Set on stainless steel earwires. Drop portion measures approximately 3/4 inch. Measures a little over 1 3/4 inches from the top of the earwires.