Kambaba Jasper Leaf Bracelet

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Elements of the earth and sea combine in this kambaba jasper and mother-of-pearl leaf bracelet, offset with translucent opalite beads.

Kambaba jasper is a rarer variety of jasper found in Madagascar and South Africa. It is associated with peace, tranquillity, and fertility. The deep greens and blacks imbued in the stone stabilise the spirit and dispel negative energy. Its nurturing energy can help both with deep focus and deep sleep.

Mother-of-pearl refers to the nacre that coats the inside of mollusc shells, which is used to form pearls. Since ancient times, it has been believed to attract prosperity and heighten spiritual sensitivity and intuition. It activates the solar plexus and throat chakras.

Beads are 8mm with 6mm opalite offsets.

$24 includes gift / storage bag. Can be made into a stretch bracelet (seamless) at no additional cost.