Red Tiger Eye and Lava Stone Bracelet

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Bringing things down to earh with this red / black earthy combination, with a touch of gold. Thanks to my neighbour for the inspiration. The combination is grounding and calming while promoting passion, motivation, and courage. Check out the way it glows in the afternoon sun!

Tiger eye contains crocidilite, an iron-bearing mineral. If the iron rusts before being trapped within silica, we get red / brown / golden tiger eye, but if it does not, crocidilite's un-oxidised form is actually blue! Like all tiger eye, it is a protective stone and encourages inner peace, soothes anxiety, and represents courage, boldness, and confidence. Red tiger eye is also associated with passion and motivation. It is associated with the base chakra and has grounding properties.

Lava stone is an igneous volcanic rock. Associated with the base chakra, it is a grounding stone that connects the user to Earth and to their physical body. It calms and stabilizes the user and helps to dissipate anger. It's also great as diffuser of essential oils.

Beads are 8mm.

$23 includes gift / storage bag.